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ECOAGRIS is an acronym that stands for “ECOWAS Agriculture Regional Information System”

It has been developed to be a dynamic monitoring instrument for the ECOWAP/PDDAA agricultural policy of West Africa.

The information system called ECOAGRIS is one of the component of the global program on the establishment and operationalization of the food security regional reserve for West Africa. Thus, the objective of this component is to improve the regular production of relevant information on regional food security in order to facilitate decision-making.

Also, the goal of ECOAGRIS is to allow decision-makers of the region to have and use reliable and updated data and analyses for a better formulation and monitoring of agricultural development policies and strategies. Finally, this system aims to better manage food security issues in the region.

ECOAGIS is as well defined as a promotion tool for trade exchange among all stakeholders (public and private) of the agricultural area of the community. It is therefore an instrument serving the West African region and based on a source of indicators and reliable data to strengthen analyses and intervention capacities of regional public and private stakeholders of the agricultural and agro-food sector.